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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MBW International Babywearing Week 2010 Giveaway Contest

IBW is here again, and here i am participating in MBW Photo Contest!

This is my participation on Teddywearer Category.

Well, of course I dont have any slings bought or made for Zahraa, but she always wanted to carry her teddy.. well, babywearing is not about the gadgets right, its about the act itself and the benefits it brings to you! So, enjoy baby wearing, even my lil one does!!!

Caption: Mama.. this shoulder type comfy la.. ok je.. and look, i am handsfree!

This one is on Babywearing and older child Category

While other toddlers are started to be carried with SSC or MT when they turn more than 1 year old, my husband still prefers his pouch. He said, he dont li
ke back carry, as he cant hold and kiss his lil girl, and he said he likes the way he can hold Zahraa while she's in the pouch. And as for Zahraa, she still loves being in it too! 2.5 years old and still in the pouch.

This is for the Babywearing a Newborn Category

Carrying 7 days Nasuha in a ring sling.. it feels goos to get hold a baby close to your heart again!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

gradation wraps

Remember i wrote about wraps the other day? How crazy i am to try on wrapping? Now i am crazy on gradation wraps!!!! Gradation wraps are wraps which are dyed with 1, 2 or more colours in a gradation manner. in other words they are in tones! And they are damn pretty... cant hardly resist.

Wanna see some? Hold your breath.. these are among my favorite, taken from Luminusence, Tsumiko, Rainbow Revolution and some are DIY by tbw mothers.

And the last 2 pictures are from Psling.. nice riteeeeee ??????

IBW: Safe baby wearing

IBW is here again!!!!! And I cant join in this year.. but anyway.. i do still celebrate it, from where I am now. Here's the flyer Farrah did for us, didnt have time to print this out. Really wish i could - nak distribute kat hospital, best place ot start.Nampak tak gambar bawah sekali tu?? My husband is also a Malaysian babywearer! I am so proud, and lucky Zahraa to have a dad like him - 2.5 years old, and still in his pouch!

how will i know i'm in labor

Been searching a lot of into, just to make sure I had the right signs. But my favorite is this one, form Childbirth Solutions Inc.

How will I know I'm in labor?

by Pam Cass

If I had to pick the one question that every woman asks as she prepares for her birth, it would be a fairly easy choice: How will I know when I’m in labor? Even women who have had babies before remember that their bodies send them lots of odd signals that labor is on the way. It can be like you are receiving messages from your body in a secret code. You know that these messages are important but you don’t have the key to decode them. Look upon this article as your own secret decoder ring. Read it and learn how to decipher whatever messages your body sends you as it gears up for the birth of your baby.

On Your Mark

The following signs may or may not signal that you are in a very early stage of labor. Usually they are just signs that your body is preparing itself for the work ahead. Pay attention, but don’t go calling your mother yet.

· Nesting Urge:

You might feel a strong desire to tidy things up; doing all kinds of things that yesterday would have seemed way more trouble than they were worth. This might be anything from standing on a chair to organize the spices you haven’t touched in a year to threatening to clobber your husband if he doesn’t finish putting the crib up. Go ahead and nest to your heart’s content, just be careful not to wear yourself out!

· Soft Bowel Movements:

You may have several soft bowel movements in the space of a day or two and may be accompanied by mild cramps. We’re not talking diarrhea or severe pain. Clearly, that would be a signal to call your care provider.

· Menstrual-type abdominal cramps:

These cramps will be irregular and mild. They will remind you of the Braxton Hicks contractions you’ve been having, maybe just a bit stronger. The pain can radiate down into your thighs, but it shouldn’t double you over.

· Backache:

A low, vague, persistent backache may not be anything new to you at all. If it is, don’t get too excited, it’s probably just the weight of the baby and some practice contractions. See if you can get your special someone to rub your back. If they won’t do it, just about anyone you are vaguely acquainted with will do.

Get Set

These signs may be signaling that you are having some very early labor. Sometimes this can go on for up to a few days, although you may zip through it pretty quickly. You might want to check on where your support people plan to be for the next couple of days, just in case.

· Bloody show:

The bloody show is a small amount of blood tinged mucous from your vagina. You are especially likely to see it after a vaginal exam. The key words here are small amount. If it’s anything more than that…go ahead and call your care provider, even if it is two in the morning.

· Losing the Mucous Plug:

There is no better way to describe this, really. It looks just like a little plug of pinkish-whitish mucous smeared with a little blood. You might see in the toilet one day since it passes through your vagina having functioned as a barrier in the cervix to keep germs from getting to the baby until now. Losing it is a sign that your cervix has started to dilate. Great news, but don’t start pushing yet.

· Prodromal Contractions:

Let’s not have any of that “false labor” talk, if you please. We’re talking very early labor contractions here. They may be regular when you have them but can stop just when you think they are really getting serious and then start again just as you are finally getting some sleep. However, they refuse to really crank up by becoming longer, stronger and closer together. These contractions while they may be slowly driving you mad, are helping to thin and soften the cervix.


Okay, time to really sit up and take notice. These signs don’t mean you have to call Ricky, Fred and Ethel and head to the hospital, but you can count on holding your baby in your arms instead of your belly within the next couple of days.

· Regular Contractions:

These may start out no stronger than menstrual cramps, but they are regular; meaning that your belly gradually tightens, reaches a peak, then gradually relaxes again. Then you have a break lasting several minutes, then have another contraction. If you have been up and about lay down for a rest; if you’ve been resting, take a walk. If these are labor contractions, the activity changes won’t affect them. The key difference between these contractions and the Braxton Hicks contractions and/or prodromal contractions you’ve been having is that these grow longer, stronger and closer together. Make sure you put the champagne in the fridge!

· Gush of water from the vagina:

Fewer than one fourth of all women begin their labor this way, so you’re probably not going flood the produce department at Safeway. But, I’m making no promises. If your water breaks, take time out from dancing a jig to notice what it looks and smells like. Then call your care provider and doula and give them a full report. You may not need to head right off to your birth place, but they’ll appreciate the heads up and you may want your doula to come over and hang out with you, just in case you’re one of the women whose contractions get really intense immediately.

OK, so i am 'On your mark' now.. and waiting for those 'get set' moment. Seems like I am being a lil impatient here right?

naughty, cute and cuddly

Zahraa is somewhere along those lines... she could be very hyper and naughty at once time, and so adorable and cute and lovable at some other time. All I could say is geramnyaaaa dengan Zahraa! rasa nak cubit cubit dia!! Some times I bite her.. she cried.. heheh kesian.. sorry la, mama nakal. Well, she deserves all my attention that she wants, she;s gonna be kakak in a few days time. So I let her bully me, peluk la mama sampai mama kemik pun tak pe. I love you and will always love you.

She is now - 2 years 8 months.
We can converse with her now, with words people could understand. She can take orders too, and well could protest too! She eats on her own - just that sometimes i'd like to feed her (to confine mess of course, and just to pamper her once in a while) She now can take off her clothes on her own - well, thats new issue to us... it could be anytime that she runs out of the room stripped naked! Argghh.. hate when that happen - i have to go chasing her around the house to dress her again. She is now has also tried to dress on her own - with her temper - it aint that cute for me.
She loves to run around, climb, and I could see that she's a fast lil girl - just like her father. She used to love swimming, but lately seems to refure. She said -sejuk- most of the times. So the big, wide pool at our new home has not been her favorite yard, yet.

Zahraa loves animal, and of course every day we were forced to watch animal planet with her-let it be insects, reptiles, or weird looking creatures. She loves them all. Her favorite are horses, elephants and turtles. Oh, there's one more: she loves cow!!!! Zahrein has to bring her somewhere in Sg Ara, just to look at cows, and shoot some vids, and keep in the phone - for her entertainment!

She didnt gain much - just 11.5 kg.. as long as I remember, since setahun lebih, she was at that same weight. But her paed said, it's ok, as long as she could pick up things fast, active and eat well. Zahraa can count to 10, can count stuffs, and now learning phonics. She can say alif till ya - but yet to recognize all.

I'm really looking forwards to introduce Zahraa to her new sibling - she might not take it well, but who knows.. Zahra- the love of my life, hope Allah bless her, gave her knowlegde and wisdom, and protects her in iman.. ameeen..
oh yes.. i miss marche.. @tweetmamas, i'll be in Kl in December, insyallah.. plan a gathering ok...

tik tok tik tok tik tok

Yup, the clock is ticking.. and i'm ticking inside too.. I think this has been a looong wait for me. Well, doc, 2 weeks ago u said i could pop anytime. Then a week ago, you said i am 1cm far and get ready anytime for it. But I am sure Allah has His own plan. And I am still waiting - hoping that i could still cope, and have the patience.

Could feel the contractions, could feel those discomfort inside my belly. I even could say I could feel I am dilating (dont ask me how) but I am waiting for 'that' to happen so we could rush to the hospital. I have no worry going there, as its just behind our home.. its just the doc mentioned 'dont come too late, i might be somewhere downtown' and you know how traffic could be in Penang - that made me nervous.

Zahraa's time was easy.. it was all braxton hicks - and suddenly there's a blood show. So easy-we just head to the hospital. This time, there were pain, un easiness, contractions - but all seems irregular. I said once before ' Oh tolong laa.. jangan pecah air depan2 orang, buat malu je' but today, I thought, let it be.. then its easier to know that the hospital would be the next thing.

Last week the doc said she could induce me, and i'll deliver right on the same day! But then she said it might not be necessary as i wouldnt be long. Well, it has been almost 6 days since Wednesday - and I am still here. I hope i'll be healthy while waiting.

missed entries

Raya dah abis.. but I remembered I havent flood this blog with raya pictures as usual, and as other blogs does. I dont have the mood weeks ago, and I'll let other friends flood theirs with raya pictures. So, today.. here i am .. wanted to flood my blog with pictures again..
Bare with me - wearing the same baju kurung - the only baju raya, and among those could fit at 8 months. The baju kurung was tailored to fit my belly. somewhere along the 'pesak' and 'badan' baju was made different by the tailor.

It is so difficult to shoot our raya pictures this raya. Zahraa wont sit still!! Or she'll make faces to it!!! At last what we did was get ready on the usual sofa, turn on upin on the tv-there she goes, still and stiff! And so we got our raya pictures! heheheh

Hensem tak pahlawan saya nih ? :D

Here's at Sime Darby Convention Centre - we got married here!

Monday, October 4, 2010

37 weeks drama

I'm not playing any drama. Those at the office would always say-they could work till the day they are in labor. Some would say-staying home is a waste of time-penat je tunggu and buat rugi cuti je. Some says-tak seronok la nanti sakit sorang2 kat rumah-no drama.

But I am already tired. See... as for now its not yet 11am an i'm tired already.. feel so weak.. and mcm nak baring je.. my back ache, my damn ass ache too. I went to the loo one minute after the other..walking here and there is not fun anymore when my feet hurts, my pelvic bone hurts, and my -you know what- also hurts. It seems like an annoying complain, but yes.. i am hurting anywhere..

Some people might not have gone thru what i am going thru now. For some mothers, pregnancy are all fun, and being pretty and glowing. Yes, lucky you.. but some might not. I just wish that every one could understand this-that not all women went thru the same thing. Its lucky that I could still work the whole 9 months (yes..this complain goes to you dear office).

I might keep on complaining.. bare with me.. well.. only few weeks left til i end this.

Just a reminder-I dont want this too.. would you??????

All we want is a smooth pregnancy, smooth delivery, and a healthy baby an mummy in the end.. amin.....