Monday, October 18, 2010

gradation wraps

Remember i wrote about wraps the other day? How crazy i am to try on wrapping? Now i am crazy on gradation wraps!!!! Gradation wraps are wraps which are dyed with 1, 2 or more colours in a gradation manner. in other words they are in tones! And they are damn pretty... cant hardly resist.

Wanna see some? Hold your breath.. these are among my favorite, taken from Luminusence, Tsumiko, Rainbow Revolution and some are DIY by tbw mothers.

And the last 2 pictures are from Psling.. nice riteeeeee ??????


Drama Mama said...

OMG Zoora!! The last one....cantiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!

E`n1x said...

i think the 3rd one now belongs to Far... =D

ZOORA said...

ye ke.. wah far sorok2 kah.. just pernah nampak blue pink grad dia je