Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MBW International Babywearing Week 2010 Giveaway Contest

IBW is here again, and here i am participating in MBW Photo Contest!

This is my participation on Teddywearer Category.

Well, of course I dont have any slings bought or made for Zahraa, but she always wanted to carry her teddy.. well, babywearing is not about the gadgets right, its about the act itself and the benefits it brings to you! So, enjoy baby wearing, even my lil one does!!!

Caption: Mama.. this shoulder type comfy la.. ok je.. and look, i am handsfree!

This one is on Babywearing and older child Category

While other toddlers are started to be carried with SSC or MT when they turn more than 1 year old, my husband still prefers his pouch. He said, he dont li
ke back carry, as he cant hold and kiss his lil girl, and he said he likes the way he can hold Zahraa while she's in the pouch. And as for Zahraa, she still loves being in it too! 2.5 years old and still in the pouch.

This is for the Babywearing a Newborn Category

Carrying 7 days Nasuha in a ring sling.. it feels goos to get hold a baby close to your heart again!!!


aziiemy said...

hi zura

thanks for joining..
good luck!!

E`n1x said...
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nurul said...

salam kak zura, dari mana nak dpt wrap jenis ini dan berapa harganya?
saya nurul, baru mula berjunak dgn babywearing.thank u

ZOORA said...

salam nurul.
nurul interested ngan wrap ke? wrap ada byk jenis, ada yg woven, ada yg strechy. malangnya wrap ni setakat ni tak de buatan malaysia. kalau mei tai, ssc, pouch, ring sling dah byk made in malaysia dah.
wrap ni selalunya mmg dari overseas. tapi, untuk permulaan, nurul pergi kat forum malaysian baby wearers,
http://malaysianbabywearers.lefora.com/forum/ ada ruang for sale or trade kat situ ada ramai org jual used wrap and sling lain2. boleh la try utk permulaan. kalau tak suka bleh jual balik kat situ. akak pun ada nk jual wrap satu kat situ. try la tgk ya