Monday, October 18, 2010

missed entries

Raya dah abis.. but I remembered I havent flood this blog with raya pictures as usual, and as other blogs does. I dont have the mood weeks ago, and I'll let other friends flood theirs with raya pictures. So, today.. here i am .. wanted to flood my blog with pictures again..
Bare with me - wearing the same baju kurung - the only baju raya, and among those could fit at 8 months. The baju kurung was tailored to fit my belly. somewhere along the 'pesak' and 'badan' baju was made different by the tailor.

It is so difficult to shoot our raya pictures this raya. Zahraa wont sit still!! Or she'll make faces to it!!! At last what we did was get ready on the usual sofa, turn on upin on the tv-there she goes, still and stiff! And so we got our raya pictures! heheheh

Hensem tak pahlawan saya nih ? :D

Here's at Sime Darby Convention Centre - we got married here!

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