Monday, October 18, 2010

naughty, cute and cuddly

Zahraa is somewhere along those lines... she could be very hyper and naughty at once time, and so adorable and cute and lovable at some other time. All I could say is geramnyaaaa dengan Zahraa! rasa nak cubit cubit dia!! Some times I bite her.. she cried.. heheh kesian.. sorry la, mama nakal. Well, she deserves all my attention that she wants, she;s gonna be kakak in a few days time. So I let her bully me, peluk la mama sampai mama kemik pun tak pe. I love you and will always love you.

She is now - 2 years 8 months.
We can converse with her now, with words people could understand. She can take orders too, and well could protest too! She eats on her own - just that sometimes i'd like to feed her (to confine mess of course, and just to pamper her once in a while) She now can take off her clothes on her own - well, thats new issue to us... it could be anytime that she runs out of the room stripped naked! Argghh.. hate when that happen - i have to go chasing her around the house to dress her again. She is now has also tried to dress on her own - with her temper - it aint that cute for me.
She loves to run around, climb, and I could see that she's a fast lil girl - just like her father. She used to love swimming, but lately seems to refure. She said -sejuk- most of the times. So the big, wide pool at our new home has not been her favorite yard, yet.

Zahraa loves animal, and of course every day we were forced to watch animal planet with her-let it be insects, reptiles, or weird looking creatures. She loves them all. Her favorite are horses, elephants and turtles. Oh, there's one more: she loves cow!!!! Zahrein has to bring her somewhere in Sg Ara, just to look at cows, and shoot some vids, and keep in the phone - for her entertainment!

She didnt gain much - just 11.5 kg.. as long as I remember, since setahun lebih, she was at that same weight. But her paed said, it's ok, as long as she could pick up things fast, active and eat well. Zahraa can count to 10, can count stuffs, and now learning phonics. She can say alif till ya - but yet to recognize all.

I'm really looking forwards to introduce Zahraa to her new sibling - she might not take it well, but who knows.. Zahra- the love of my life, hope Allah bless her, gave her knowlegde and wisdom, and protects her in iman.. ameeen..
oh yes.. i miss marche.. @tweetmamas, i'll be in Kl in December, insyallah.. plan a gathering ok...

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aisha said...

plan a gathering yer? aku branak la time december tu..unless awal december..boleh la zahraa sgt comel..sampai dia dah besar panjang pun tak dpt jumpa live..