Monday, October 18, 2010

tik tok tik tok tik tok

Yup, the clock is ticking.. and i'm ticking inside too.. I think this has been a looong wait for me. Well, doc, 2 weeks ago u said i could pop anytime. Then a week ago, you said i am 1cm far and get ready anytime for it. But I am sure Allah has His own plan. And I am still waiting - hoping that i could still cope, and have the patience.

Could feel the contractions, could feel those discomfort inside my belly. I even could say I could feel I am dilating (dont ask me how) but I am waiting for 'that' to happen so we could rush to the hospital. I have no worry going there, as its just behind our home.. its just the doc mentioned 'dont come too late, i might be somewhere downtown' and you know how traffic could be in Penang - that made me nervous.

Zahraa's time was easy.. it was all braxton hicks - and suddenly there's a blood show. So easy-we just head to the hospital. This time, there were pain, un easiness, contractions - but all seems irregular. I said once before ' Oh tolong laa.. jangan pecah air depan2 orang, buat malu je' but today, I thought, let it be.. then its easier to know that the hospital would be the next thing.

Last week the doc said she could induce me, and i'll deliver right on the same day! But then she said it might not be necessary as i wouldnt be long. Well, it has been almost 6 days since Wednesday - and I am still here. I hope i'll be healthy while waiting.

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