Thursday, January 13, 2011

2.5 months Nasuha

Nasuha is 2.5 months now.. almost 3 months.. but to our eyes.. she seems older than that. She looks bigger for a 2 months old, she is strong physically, she held up her head high to look around. And she start to respond to us...mimicking faces, and making sounds that we love! And when she smiles... we melt!!!!!

There's another 2 weeks to go...for me to spend time with her... then she'll be in nursery... pity my baby. But rethinking about it... its ok.. Zahraa had a great time there, and hope Nasuha will too! We are lucky i'll be close, so I could visit her anytime i want.. (this reminds me..of the pumping routine-which would begin at the office soon)

Happy growing Nasuha! As much as i want you to grow quick, i enjoyed spending every single moment with you... so far, i havent miss anything (you're even by my side when i sleep, remember that). Mummy loves you Nasuha!!!!

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