Thursday, January 6, 2011

milk supply

one of the main reason to spend confinement in Penang was to build EBM stock for Nasuha, as a preparation for her to enter the nursery. We were quite dissapointed as Zahraa was exclusively breastfed until 5 months only. This time, my husband wish for me to do more, try better this time.. insyallah, i hope really hope I could do so.

For now, I could only pump once a day, usually early morning..wanted to pump more (tried pump twice a day, but couldnt get much) as Nasuha keeps nursing all day long.

On the 40th day... this is basically what we had so far

this time around i tried the plastic bag as milk storage. So far i tried 3 brands and my favourite is the Autumnz... good at the price with that quality. I love the double zipper, and the indication in oz and ml.

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