Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Twillight? It was hot some years back. Heard about it, but my husband wasn't keen on ghost stories.. apatah lagi vampires.... so it has been in our dvd collection.. and we never even talked about watching it. Until I was in confinement, the end of it to be exact. Nasuha was well, and i'm healthy and doesnt need that much rest, and need some entertainment (in other words, dah start boring la tu).

So I asked dear hubby to buy me all twillight dvds...(i dont even know the sequence, asked around which one's first, before watching them). That time, my intention was only to know, what's so hot about it. I wasnt relaly into buffy, and wasnt really into other vampire story as well.

It might be the story, it might the the actors, it might be the good quality of the dvd, it might be my loneliness, it might be the ambience around me while I watch.. I dont know.. but I do relly fall for these saga!!!!!! I started of with twillight, felt bored in the beginning... siap tweeting lagi masa tengok. I miss some actions in it. Then new moon begin to struck me, with interesting cross section thru human, vampires and werewolves - or the shape shifters to be exact. And I totally fell for this saga after Eclipse!!!!! Eclipse was awesome!!!! I like!!

I have always been a fan of these kind of movies-from-novel thingie.. just like harry potter (that reminds me I havent watch the recent HP) so of course I was ticklish to read the last book, Breaking Dawn.. I just have to know what happen next. Nasib baik sangat la dah publish dah bukunya. Or else merana jiwa la daku. And as I could predict myself, it is not enough for me to read just Breaking Dawn, so now i have read all the four books of the saga.

Stephenie Meyer, I like your books, and she is lucky... all the movies so far was a success. Of course, I think J.K Rowling's HP is still my favorite. Harry Potters were filled with imagination, and excitement that kept me reading...but the Twilight Saga has kept me in the stories, and pours emotion thru the whole book. And I could say I totally love them all.

Of course, movies are a bit different from the book-thats a norm. But some are okay to me.

In Twillight - I would say its ok for the movie to be a bit different. The way Bella found out about Edward is better enterpreted in the movie compared to in the book. In the New Moon, the book explains more, of how could Bella loves Jacob too. In Eclipse the movie, I just hated Jacob so much - so kacau daun-tak faham faham kind of guy- but in the book, Jacob seems to be so pitiful. Mangsa keadaan-wujud tak kena tempat.

Ecplise and Breaking Dawn was written differently. (I read the books back to back, and watch the movie back to back, so I could notice the difference) Eclipse has quite a lot of explanation of what Edward and Jacob were, as if anyone reading Ecplise will never felt missing a lot from the first 2 books. And the way Eclipse was ended from Jacobs' perspective-touchy. Very touchy.

And Breaking Dawn is my favorite book of all (if you think I would spoil the mood, stop reading here) I bet the movies would be the best. It will be in 2 part, I heard. Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2. I read it twice!!!! (and dont ask how many times I watch the movies)

So, overall.. I dont know about quality, filming, literature.. bla bla bla.. but The Twilight Saga is worth watching. Its not a ghost story, or a vampires adventure kinda story.. Its actually a love story, that is against nature. Love in between human and vampire..with a werewolf stuck in between. its a new fairy tale story, a new rome and juliet (not really gooey like that) in other words - an epic.

why'd I say its a new fairy tale???????????? hehehhe

Because it ended with "Forever and ever and eve"

Ok, I'm a spoiler????? Not that much. You can hit me now.


kayla said...

hahah omg, u've fallen for twilight almost the same way that i did too!!! tak sangka boleh hooked nak tgk all of the saga kan? my first was Twilight, tgk masa dlm flight. Baru tgk tu pun dah boleh buat senyum sorang2 tau masa tgk, haha. then kinda forget about it for awhile, mcm tak rasa kecoh pun nak tgk the next one. Then masa movie New Moon keluar mmg takde rasa nak tgk pun. Then last year when iklan Eclipse keluar ulang2 kat tv dah rasa nak tgk balik. So we rented New Moon DVD one night, I got hooked again and the next day terus pergi tgk Eclipse!!! and right after that terus gi Borders beli buku Breaking Dawn! haha crazy kan? but i know you understand hahaha. tapi tak abis lagi baca breaking dawn. as a matter of fact, still in the beginning part lagi la. eh ko dah baca the other novels already? oh, satu lagi, dah tgk Vampire Sucks? kelakar la perempuan tu ajuk watak Bella.

ZOORA said...

yess.. nice kan?? and we are books freak kan? quite la.. heheheh
i think this movie maker mmg make money.. u see, fans keeps on flowing thru even dah years citer and buku ni jual. good for them. whats vampire sucks?