Thursday, February 10, 2011


Pumping at work. Well, supposely its every 2 hours. But seems like i dont have enough time for that kind of schedule. So I did twice a day. Around 10.30 am and 4.30pm. So far, every day I collected 10-12 oz at work. Nasuha been nursing a lot at home, so at the mean time I dont pump at home.

Alhamdulillah, the toilet wasnt the station anymore. thanks to PDC, I am allowed to use bilik kecemasan now. thanks to pak guard jugak, making its easier for me. Freezer almost full, but i think it will maintainas it is.. as EBM came in and out every day.

Cumanya .. I am not sure whether the nursery is handling the EBM in a correct way or not. I took 6 bottles, contains 2oz of mikl each...for Nasuha.One for each feeding. They might mix 2 bottles together, ot they use 1 bottle more than 1 hour.. hmm dunno.. sometimes its difficult to just say it straight to their face, as so many of us already told them how, and of course they are not new to it.. but.. hmmm do you know any brochure that I could get, prepared by professionals (Malaysian) about how to handle EBM - for care taker? I hope ther's such a thing


CuppyCakeMommy said...

zura..why not u yang buat brochure tu sendiri and pass to them..
as if for me dulu..i just print out stuff from online..good luck

btw dont worry sangat on how the nursery peep handling the ebm..if ur baby gas..tak sakit perut malam2..then is should be ok

ZOORA said...

dah dulu dah buat dah masa 1st baby.masa tu i am among the 1st one yg hantar EBM. so now, saper2 yg hantar kalau pesan2, they'll be like: tau..kami dah biasa dah handle susu ni. tak boleh buat sendiri brochure tu, nanti diorang mcm: amboi, nak bagi arahan segala, kami tau la buat keje... haaa cam tu la. kalau ada dari mana, its like from pros or specialist or whoever better than me