Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nasuha is 4 months

Yes she is.. time has been running - without waiting for me! And here she is today, being 4 months. Err.. i dont know how much she weighs.. missed her vaccination last Monday. We plan to do so next week. So she's been in the nursery for 3 weeks now, alhamdulilah.. sihat, very well and montel :D. She now smiles, coo, giggles at who she likes, turns. She cries less at the nursery now, drinking and sleeping well too.. alhamdulillah.. just that teachers told me, she rarely could lie down and play on her own - she usually would cried, wants to be picked up, or at least being hold/put vertically. hmm She's the same at home - tak nak baring, nak duduk or bediri-at this age that she shouldnt.

I was thinking of that bumbo seat, which helps babies who cant sit to rest upright. Tapi Zahrein kata, it might only be used for a short time - mambazir sbb mahal. So, for now all my carriers were helping me a lot.
Zahraa now loves Nasuha more! She knows how to play with her, as Nasuha is a chatter now.


aisha said...

alaa...comel nyer... nasuha tu ye yer je macam baca buku...zahra tak geram ker kat adik dia?

ZOORA said...

aah. kecik dahberlakon dah kot.. heheheh zahraa.. kadang2 dia geram jugak, dia kemekkan muka nasuha