Saturday, March 26, 2011

For sale: Natibaby Greece in green

FOR SALE!!! (el cheapo sale)

Natibaby Greece in Green, 4.6m with tapered ends. Used, very soft and floppy, and ready in action!
Its a great, sturdy woven wrap, in 100% cotton and very supportive. Great for a wrap, and also for Ring sling or mei tai conversion!

RM 250 -- slashed to RM 220!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

tudung oh tudung

Tudung again! Every year there'll be new posts on tudung. Sbb biasa la.. tudung ni je la fesyen untuk kaum muslimah. I'm starting to venture new style of tudung-kononya. at first a freind suggested syria, sbb yg best part, nak simpan senang and nak basuh super duper easy!!!! campak dalam wachine machine jerrrr.

The ones i'm using now? of course i'l still love de zahraa's hijabs..the cutting, sizing ang lenght is great for me. And pearl haya is not bad too. But i found interest in shawls now, main ly due to:

1.Versatile - banyak fesyen boleh buat with a single piece
2.I can adjust the length up to where i want!!!
3.(of course i wann alook younger la kan....)
4.Its cheaperrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kalau dulu rm100 dapat 1 tudung only, shawl---i might get 5 or 4!

so, pictures... from above eh:

1. pearl haya sport in denim

2. shawl rainbow colour with awning cotton muncung

3. tudung aggerik - awning tak keras

4. Syria - rayhanah from de zahra, ngan inner awning

Beside shawl, I have also fall in love with tudung aggerik, and pearl haya sport. All because, dia ada awning, tapi awning tak keras. Easy handling, easy to wash

(cuma ada challenge sket pakai shawl ye kawan kawan - Nasuha tarik lerr!! heheheh)