Friday, April 22, 2011

routine, routine, routine p2

nearly forgot.. its been months of these routine too!

Balik rumah, immediately steril all pumping parts, and bottles, Nasuha 6 bottles.
And dry them.
And thaw frozen milk and put them into bottles, preparing for he next day nursery stuffs.

And of course, bags for those 2 girls.

Today - its panic attack. EBM in the freezeer, are running out - FAST

Thursday, April 21, 2011

routine,routine, routine

Nasuha is 6 months yesterday, and alhamdulillah she's a healthy lil bub. Life has been different too, for 6 months, and it seems like i've been used to it, even sometimes struggling at it, juggling between works, kids and home. Works has been a bundled too :(

My daily routine for the whole week, has been kinda having a pattern it repeats each and every day. in positive side it makes me easier to plan life, and to adjust to it. My husband goes to surau on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, so its early dinner on these days. How early? 6.30 or 6.45 pm (yup, sampai rumah kul 6, then 6.30 makan - so I have only 30-40 minutes to prepare dinner). On Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday too are football days - dinner is delayed till after Isya' - but, in return I have to bath both girls.

Kinda freaky? Tossing myself here and there at home. And dear office, please dont blame me when i dropped everything sharp at 5.30 and run out of the door, I have ticking clock right back at home (lucky home is just accross the street).

So, did I plan to achieve these timetable? Well.. I sorta have created a strategy, which I wanna share with other mums like me

1. I cook early. Early like after Fajr prayer. I could put on the rice,sometimes prepare stuffs for dishes, or cooked one of the dishes
2. I cooked more - for some dishes that took took time to cook especially, like soup, curry etc etc, I cooked a 2 days portion
3. I invented 20 minutes dishes - Family favourites are, chicken mushroon with thick golden sauce, chicken paprik, steam fish, sardin with potato -zahraa's favourite, ayam masak lemak cili api, or my husbands favourite - ikan kering
4. I cooked simple - macaroni goreng, nasi goreng - my family's favourite
5. I do other stuffs while cooking - like washing breastpumps tools, Nasuha 6 bottles, laundry, prepare air mandian Zahraa

Hmm.. but i still cant handle those laundry. I now iron them before wearing :(( huhuhuh.. last time i did laundry every wednesday,saturday,sunday..but now i did them on weekends, leaving me mountains of them.

Zahraa becane the victim too.. huhuhhu well.. she's all happy i guess - She got to watch tv, or dvd of her choice, so i could work faster, with her drown in her movies. Today, Nasuha starts eating solid - so add that in daily routine.. home the day is longer

Thursday, April 14, 2011

olives and applesauce is now for sale!!!

Been crazy on ssc since i was pregnant. At first the main reason is for Zahrein to wear (so that we could put that Bbjorn away)
I was looking for a SSC that could carry both, Nasuha and Zahraa. The one yg empuk konon.. and at last i got this.. Olives and Applesause, in Teatime Tomato with graphite straps.

Here's the pic, me carrying Nasuha, she was 3 weeks in this pic. Zahrein caryying Zahraa..she was 2 ++ in this pic.

This is now for sale, at rm340. Contact me at zurahanimatgmaildotcom

Sunday, April 10, 2011

i can swim!!

Yay!! with the mesh ring sling from Jumpsac Baby (credit to Ito) Nasuha can join kakak and abah at the pool!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

tudung ikut syariat

Tudung has been a sensitive issue-since long ago. banyak hal betul diperkata, diberi alasan kalau pasal tudung.

Well.. lets just passed all those kena pakai, tak kena pakai, whatever.. because we have all learn whats right isnt it...

So now, another question came by... labuh mana sebenarnya tudung, mengikut syariat? mengikut kehendak islam. Was is enough, just to cover the head, was it enough, just to cover the neck. Or was it only comes complete if it flows up to your belly?

Dalam surah Annur, ada disebut, dilabuhkan tudung ke paras dada. Hikmahnya banyak di sini yang di anggap remeh tapi penting untuk menjaga maruah wanita. In this verse,where the chest, is to be cover,that shows hijab is not only to cover your head.

I'd like to share, my ustazah'd explanation, Ustazah Thaniah (u can find her in Facebook) and Ustaz Azhar Idrus ( a knowledgeable ustaz, u can googlo him up too) about the length of tudung mengikut syariat.

1. Tujuan tudung bukan saja untuk menutup kepala, tetapi juga dada, sepeti yang disebut dalam surah An nur
2. Sekiranya baju, boleh menampakkan belahan dada (the curve space in between your boobs, shall i xplain further? :P) labuhkan tudung sehingga melepasinya
3. Sekiranya baju longgar, dan menutup belahan dada, tudung diringankan kelabuhannya, ertinya cukup untuk menutup aurat wajib (tutup leher, tengkuk, etc etc)
4. Walaubagaimanapun, yang sebaik baiknya, adalah baju yang longgar, tudung yang menutupi dada

The rule of the thumb is, belahan dadah, lurah is cannot be shown.. sebabnya? kalau nampak belahan tu. meaning jelaslah nampak those 2 best friend, rite? :D so, before going out everyday..look thru ourselves.. in the mirror again.. bukan tgk muka cantik je, tgk part dada sama.. how it looks like ok :D

Wallahualam.. yang buruk semua dari saya