Thursday, April 21, 2011

routine,routine, routine

Nasuha is 6 months yesterday, and alhamdulillah she's a healthy lil bub. Life has been different too, for 6 months, and it seems like i've been used to it, even sometimes struggling at it, juggling between works, kids and home. Works has been a bundled too :(

My daily routine for the whole week, has been kinda having a pattern it repeats each and every day. in positive side it makes me easier to plan life, and to adjust to it. My husband goes to surau on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, so its early dinner on these days. How early? 6.30 or 6.45 pm (yup, sampai rumah kul 6, then 6.30 makan - so I have only 30-40 minutes to prepare dinner). On Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday too are football days - dinner is delayed till after Isya' - but, in return I have to bath both girls.

Kinda freaky? Tossing myself here and there at home. And dear office, please dont blame me when i dropped everything sharp at 5.30 and run out of the door, I have ticking clock right back at home (lucky home is just accross the street).

So, did I plan to achieve these timetable? Well.. I sorta have created a strategy, which I wanna share with other mums like me

1. I cook early. Early like after Fajr prayer. I could put on the rice,sometimes prepare stuffs for dishes, or cooked one of the dishes
2. I cooked more - for some dishes that took took time to cook especially, like soup, curry etc etc, I cooked a 2 days portion
3. I invented 20 minutes dishes - Family favourites are, chicken mushroon with thick golden sauce, chicken paprik, steam fish, sardin with potato -zahraa's favourite, ayam masak lemak cili api, or my husbands favourite - ikan kering
4. I cooked simple - macaroni goreng, nasi goreng - my family's favourite
5. I do other stuffs while cooking - like washing breastpumps tools, Nasuha 6 bottles, laundry, prepare air mandian Zahraa

Hmm.. but i still cant handle those laundry. I now iron them before wearing :(( huhuhuh.. last time i did laundry every wednesday,saturday,sunday..but now i did them on weekends, leaving me mountains of them.

Zahraa becane the victim too.. huhuhhu well.. she's all happy i guess - She got to watch tv, or dvd of her choice, so i could work faster, with her drown in her movies. Today, Nasuha starts eating solid - so add that in daily routine.. home the day is longer


i t o said...

buat time table is better. even xdapat ikut tp at least setiap kerja ada dah tau apa nak buat and apa dah as mother of 2 x sama kan masa ada seorang anak..mcm tu la seterusnye...keep up the good work zoora! we are the best mom! hehe

laydida said...

i wish i can cook everyday. now that we're using 1 car (sbb senang nk commute to n fro taska with 2 kids,and it quite far from our home sweet home), sampai rumah dah 0700pm. alhamdulillah my hubby n the big sis tolerate sesangat on eating out or do take outs, but i miss cooking coz i just love 'em.

i do the same trick too with irene, and had the same problem too on the laundry. right now i buat laundry lepas maghrib, sidai indoor under the fan. twice on weekdays, at least the kiddos clothing (sangat banyak!)