Monday, June 6, 2011

the obedient wives club

Have u read the paper last weekend? About the launch on this club called The Obedient Wives Club??? Arrr!! Geram

It was said that this club was set, to promote wives to be better wives... So that their husbands wont be socially ill. And it was said that 'banyak berlaku cerai berai sbb wives tak pandai jaga, so husband carik lain' ????

What??? Has this been crazy?? I realy want to see those statistics or whatever report that lead toward this conclusion!

Its such a not fair excuse!! Women today made a lot of sacrifice, jaga anak, jaga rumah and helped financially! Easily blame women huh???

I am not blaming who and who... But this sounds like bias. I'd be glad if there is a campaign for husbands too, which i think sgt sgt sgt perlu..

Kempen ketua rumahtangga
Kempen mari jadi imam
Kempen mari sayang isteri
Kempen my wife is the prettiest in the world
Kempen mendidik keluarga


I really hope there is more love and respect in the world.. And less divorce

Sunday, June 5, 2011

dine in farm experience

We have fallen for this place, known as Puncak Mutiara Cafe, Kg Pelet. Located in Kubang Semang, Bukit Mertajam, Penang.
They offer a dining place in the midst of their farm. Its like eating in a place with a petting zoo. There's goats, ostrich, fish pond, rabbits and chickens.

The food? the food is gooooooddd!!!! There's surau and clean toilets here. You could spend time, lepak with your family in their gazebo.

Zahraa loves to feed the fish everytime we are here (she is afraid of the goats and ostrich.. too bad) Me?? I love the ambiance and the food of course..and I could buy goat milk here (boost milk supply). U can also buy frozen meat here. Enjoy our pics!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

alexa neck inner

Lately muslimah fashion had made a huge leap. Almost 3 years tudung awning conquer the arena...(after bawal being on top of the throne for a longgggg time)

Its the time of shawl ans pashmina. Fesyen tudung letak letak aje,some ppl say. The good thing about shAwl that i love is it could fit anytime. Casual. Formal. Smart. And it could be wear and adjusted so it cover the chest right.

But im not gonna write about all the how to's of shawl. Dah banyak blog ada. Just google. I just wanna share about inner.

Remembet the style i mentioned letak letak je?? Well its all begin by hana tajima. The japanese british fashion designer made a burst in the muslim fashion industry. But such
Style and shawl yg jarang tu would reveal ur neck rite? Hana tajima came out with snood. A cool creative invention i think.

But its expensive i think. Luckily later i found alexa neck inner from sugarscarf. I heart it!!!!! Love the fabric n cutting. Wearing it is so comfortable. Tak terasa mcm pakai inner. At least semua org kena ada satu. I use it for
Swimming too. Go get one.