Friday, July 1, 2011

Lost in translation

Its Datum KL 2011, now has been rebranded as NOW KL 2011 season 1. And again thousands of architect is here in KLCC. Its like a reunion of arkitek separuh dunia.

As i predicted. There will be always problem with Japanese presenter. Three years ago i think i slept 80% of the presentation as the translater seems not very technical,or was not someone from the industry.

Last year hmmmmm the Japanese presenter was quite funny,and ckp sikit sikit je. Lucky he presented brilliant design.

This year, i had a hard time catching up, or tired of listening to both presenter and translater.

I wish; next year Datum KL or NOW KL will get a translater who is a good presenter herself, or someone who has great communication skill, or someone who knew the presentation well. Or at least a person that could make the crowd alive.

I have always look forward for Japanese presenters,as they delivers unique and interesting ideology.

So far, thus year has been better.

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