Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I havent been wearing makeup for quite sometime. Few months ago,i'm interested to do so again;after so many comments like; i look older than my age and i look too pale.

Its really not because of what people say of course,but comments as such boost some kinda spirit-to make a change for a better me. To have give myself more confidence. To have a spirit that suits my age

So i started to have a blusher,later an eyeliner. Then i began to work on the eyes-thats when i fall for gel eyeliner

And look what i just got. Color pallete from sephora. Whuuhuuuu

I hope i wont go overboard with all these stuff


Qaseh said...

just a simple make up it will be better...

Drama Mama said...

wahhh bestnya! mahal tak sephora ni..bila nak sampai penang tah. hehe. yeah, i think at this age kita kena mekap skit2 kot if not we'll look too pale and kinda older than we are. huhu