Sunday, August 7, 2011

Breastfeeding power

A month ago, me and mamashmontel had a bad day in KLCC.. bad like-kena halau with mak guard-because we wanna pump in the surau. Funny rite?? It was zohor i think and the surau was quite empty. Its a working day.

Later we learnt that there were others with such experience in KLCC..been chased away due to breastfeeding. So news spread. With the power of the net i guess, i wonder how many thousands knew this in one nite (boo you KLCC)

Guess what! Women in malaysia, mothers to be specific are very powerful in malaysia!! They've organize a protest which convey a message that nursing in public is not wrong,that there are proper ways they can cover up and its the baby right to be fed there and then.

So today,many turn up for this -they called it flash mob - to nurse in public-all together at one time!! This is so cool rite!! Even those who has wean off were there to support!! I am so proud of these ladies!!

By the way..its worlds breastfeeding week. Happy breadtfeeding mothers!! You've done a great job who no one else could do for your special,both you and your baby. Husbands dearie...please support your wife to breastfeed your child ok

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nana said...

crazy KLCC management! how come kena halau? do they provide breasfedding / nursing room? (macam kat Jaya Jusco tu?) lucky that I work in Bangi, so possibility nk gi KLCC tu amatlah tipis.. hehe..

bravo BF mommies out there! I bf-ed my younger child until she is 6-yr old. mmg tk senonoh lah sesapa yg against BF in public nie..

Haris Abdul Rahman said...

I learned that there was a sort of demo. Did not know the reason behind it. Now I know! Luckily it never happened to my wife. KLCC of all places. Duh!

ZOORA said...

yup, KLCC for all places. Now for familiies there are more family friendly places to go. Curve-ikea-ikano paling best. Empire, bangsar vilage not bad