Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gulai tempoyak

It is my favorite dish. My dad's best dish-he made superbbbb patin masak tempoyak (my dad was such a patin guy, even won GP joran by fishing the greatest patin)

But this is the first time i made this dish-which has become my husbands favorite too- as before this, there's no way i could find good patin here and i've got no tempoyak

Suddenly ada rezeki from kak aya who gave durians for us. So i made my own tempoyak,and find patin-ada la even i know its not the best. So here is how i made them

Bawang merah-about 5-6, jangan banyak sangat nanti berbuih
Bawang putih-3 ulas je
Kunyit hidup- serbuk pun boleh
Asam keping
Cili merah or cili padi
Tempoyak of course
Fish- u can use patin,baung or senangin
Daun kesum

Blend bawang merah, bawang putih and cili. Letak dalam periuk and pour water in. Put on stove and heat on. Letak serbuk kunyit sket for color. Kalau guna kunyit hidup blend sekali dengan cili tadi. Letak asam keping. Put in the fish. Adjust air ikut nak banyak mana kuah. Then put in tempoyak ikut citarasa. Kalau nak pekat put more tempoyak. Then put daun kesum in dir the aroma. Tu je. Senang kan?

Reminder. Asam keping tu depends on your tempoyak. Kalau tempoyak yg dah masak and masam,maybe tak perlu pun asam keping ni. Kalau tak, kena la bubuh for masamness.

This is the way my father taught me. There is no right n wrong i think,just the matter of taste and preferrence.

There you go!! Here is my pot of gulai tempoyak!!

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Nurull 101 said...

thanx for sharing the recipe... tempoyak byk kt peti ais..mentua baru bagi.. ehehe