Thursday, August 11, 2011

How i style up the snood shawl

I just introduced myself to the snood shawl. Its a shawl sewn at the end to make a one loop. (and yes it might look kinda like darth vader's hood). I've tried to wear them to work and i like it...esp the cotton snood.

This is cotton snood in mustard from de veil.

Here i'd like to share how i do it...this is one of the way i wear the snood.

First wear the neck covering inner. This is alexa inner from sugarscarf (very comfortable...i love it!!)

Then put on the snood. Adjust on your head and shoulder.

Then pull one side crossing over to the other shoulder.

I adjust the lenght that i want.

Then i put a pin on both shoulder.

Taraa and i'm done. This is cotton snood in dusty pink from de veil. U can find them in facebook.

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