Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cake baking. Yes u heard it right

I never bake a cake. Since i got married. Well,baked 2-3 times je pun before married. I am not really a baking person.
But of course nak kena improve our own achievement, tambah skill dalam resume and make my family happy kan. Hahahah
So i bake a choc cake!!! No mixer no oven but taraaaa!! I made a cake. And i named it as 'lots o love'

The taste is not the best part of it. It was the look on zahraa's face when she sees a cake on our table.worth all the mess i did

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Zahraa and ramadhan

Zahraa adalah sgt cute in telekung. Geram. Macam nak makan dia.

She always wanna wear her telekung everytime we are about to start solat. But then kejap je, dah tercabut kemana

This time around she wanna wear it to surau. Hahahaha as i expected. Belum sampai kat lif dia dah bukak. Hahahahahaha

Now quite worrying. Zahraa semakin malas nak solat. And more playful during solat.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Fashion mission

Your closet is kinda full. But u have no idea what to wear to work tomorrow. Macam dah tak de baju je. Sounds familiar???
Guess this is a dilemma to many girls n ladies (that leads to more n more shopping)

So me and my best friends made ourself a mission which has become a motivation to dress up for the next day!! Note that we are all scattered around, huda is in gombak, nani in melawati, anim works in kl central and mye is in putrajaya and here i am far up north. And oh ian is in selayang.

How it works:
One of us chooses a theme, usually color. The others has got to find as such in their wardrobe. Camwhore in that suit and sent off our image thru whatsapp. Wallah!!!

This is so fun!!!! Gurls !! After raya sambung ok?!!! -anim, do go shopping. Pls stop buying brown n black. I am running out of black
Hmmm missing teal pics laaa

I am really loving what we did!!!

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Curry mee

I rarely made curry mee. Maybe sebab susah anak nak tumpang sekaki. But for sahur n for a change, made some

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

i am a happy 10 mo old

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