Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cake baking. Yes u heard it right

I never bake a cake. Since i got married. Well,baked 2-3 times je pun before married. I am not really a baking person.
But of course nak kena improve our own achievement, tambah skill dalam resume and make my family happy kan. Hahahah
So i bake a choc cake!!! No mixer no oven but taraaaa!! I made a cake. And i named it as 'lots o love'

The taste is not the best part of it. It was the look on zahraa's face when she sees a cake on our table.worth all the mess i did

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Rozy said...

owhh terliurr aii..lama tak bakar kek..

ZOORA said...

Bako rozy!! Bako!!